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Created the Cellular Map of the Human Uterus

Created the cellular map of the human uterus

Analyzing the uterus cell by cell, the Human Uterus Cell Atlas project has managed to develop the cellular map of the human uterus, a project that will make it possible to understand, diagnose and treat uterine diseases such as fibroids, preeclampsia or endometriosis more effectively.

Funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program with the aim of creating the cellular map of the human uterus, the project in which entities from the United Kingdom, Sweden, Estonia and Spain are participating has focused on better understanding the basis cellular health and pathologies of the human uterus.

A study of these dimensions, in which researchers have analyzed 59 tissue samples of the endometrium and uterine myometrium, from both female donors of reproductive age (between 18 and 42 years old) and deceased organ donor patients, will allow to understand, diagnose and treat more effectively uterine diseases such as, among others, myomas, preeclampsia, Asherman's syndrome or the endometriosis.

The study will allow further research, understanding and more effective treatment of diseases such as fibroids, preeclampsia, Asherman's syndrome or endometriosis"

Coordinated by the Health Research Institute Inclusive, from the Hospital Clínico de València, the researchers have studied samples from patients recruited in Estonia, the United Kingdom and Spain, for their molecular characterization at single-cell resolution, and have carried out high-resolution spatial mapping of the cells that make up the uterus.

The techniques used to draw the complete map of the uterus have been the single cell transcriptomic analysis, the complete genome analysis of all participating women, the single cell analysis of epigenetic modifications, the spatial study of cellular transcriptomics in the tissue and the spatial study of the proteome.

Thanks to this project, say those responsible for the research, the myometrium is being characterized before and after menopause, which "will allow a clearer understanding, not only of uterine physiology, but also of myometrial diseases that, due to moment, have a significant impact on women's health.

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