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La egg cryopreservation, Commonly known as freeze eggs, is a method for preserve fertility increasingly in demand by women who decide postpone your motherhood and having children a year later but with the guarantee of eggs that correspond to the ideal age.

Dr. Carla Castell, responsible for the Fertility Unit de Women's will explain how the egg freezing, if there is any risk and if it is the best fertility preservation treatment for you based on the history and medical history. We have the most advanced technologies in this field.

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    Dr. Carla Castell
    Fertility Unit

    Freezing eggs - Cryopreservation: the importance of preserving quality eggs

    The age of the woman is the factor that most limits the possibility of achieving a pregnancy naturally: the older, the more difficulties.

    Therefore, for women who want to delay their motherhood for personal or professional reasons, the cryopreservation It is a specially indicated procedure, which consists of extracting and vitrifying a series of unfertilized ovules with the aim of preserving the woman's fertility.

    La vitrification It is carried out in the laboratory and consists of, once the patient's oocytes have been extracted, freezing them in liquid nitrogen and storing them in a nitrogen tank in a vapor state until the moment when they will be used.

    In the Women's fertility unit we have the latest technology in oocyte cryopreservation, an easy, comfortable and safe technique that, in addition, allows the patient to go home and to the next day you can go back to normal life.

    At Women's we know that it is essential that women who have the illusion of being mothers, but need to delay their motherhood for some time, cryopreserve their eggs as soon as possible, because, the younger they are, the more possibilities of success.

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