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Usually, when surgery is performed for laparoscopy, several incisions are made in the patient's belly of between 0.5-1.2mm, through which tubes called trocars are inserted, through which gas (CO2) is injected into the belly while allowing a camera with light and different working tools.

En gynecology, through laparoscopy Surgeries as complex as resection surgery can be done endometriosis deep or colposacropexiesas long as the surgeon has the proper training and expertise.

La laparoscopy It provides the patient with a less painful postoperative period, with less blood loss, a shorter hospital stay, in addition to the obvious aesthetic advantages it entails compared to laparotomy (open surgery)

One more step in minimally invasive surgery is the laparoscopy single port or Single Port LaparoscopyIn this case, only an incision is made in the belly (usually in the navel) through which all the surgical instruments, the chamber and the gas are introduced to inflate the belly.

Obviously, the necessary instruments have a special configuration with curvatures and joints that allow operation in such a small space. These variations in instrumentation make the skills of the surgeon especially important to be able to perform surgical procedures using laparoscopy by Single port.

Although for surgeons (gynecologists in our case) the laparoscopy by Single port  It is a surgical challenge, for the patient it means an even better postoperative period and aesthetic results that in many cases are practically imperceptible.

El carmona and his team have extensive experience in gynecological surgery through a single port or Single port.

Single Port Surgery. Dr. Francisco Carmona in surgery
Dr. Francisco Carmona. Barcelona gynecologist

Dr Francisco Carmona

Women's Medical Director

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