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Professional development

The Women's CD Gynecological Center team, led by Dr. Francisco Carmona and Dr. Damian Dexeus, specialists in women's health, has among its objectives the dissemination and promotion of up-to-date and accurate training and knowledge that helps improve well-being and women's health care.

With the right knowledge, the patient can be the protagonist of decision-making and be able to take more and better care of herself on a day-to-day basis to enjoy a better quality of life.

With specific training in female physiology, the menstrual cycle and its most common alterations, health and communication professionals have the opportunity to delve into aspects that have a direct impact on women's health, increase their skills in female health, expand their knowledge and have the best tools to help improve women's health and well-being.

Currently, the Women's CD medical team collaborates in the following training:

  • Specialization in Physiology and Healthy Lifestyles for Women
  • Endometriosis online course

Specialization in Physiology and Healthy Lifestyles for Women

The UOC Health Sciences Studies (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya), in collaboration with the team of specialists from the Women's CD Gynecological Center, led by Dr. Francisco Carmona and Dr. Damian Dexeus, Corachan Clinic and Corachan Foundation, have launched the specialization training program Physiology and healthy lifestyles of women.

A postgraduate training program that allows students to improve their skills in female health and acquire knowledge about factors that affect the quality of life for women to promote a clear view of female physiology, the menstrual cycle and its most common alterations.

With the aim of promoting and promoting study, research and innovation in the field of women's health, the course is aimed at health professionals, professionals in fields such as journalism, communication and marketing, and those interested and interested in other fields who wish to deepen their knowledge and skills.

The team Gynecological Center Women's CD, led by Dr. Francisco Carmona and the gynecological surgeon Dr. Cristian de Guirior, offers specific and specialized training, and shares knowledge, experiences and ways of working.

The specialization of Women's Physiology and Healthy Lifestyles It consists of three compulsory subjects.

Physiology, anatomy and menstrual cycle 

  • Anatomy of the female reproductive system
  • Physiology of the menstrual cycle
  • Key stages: adolescence and menopause
  • Most frequent alterations of the menstrual cycle

Nutrition throughout the female life cycle

  • Nutrition in childhood and adolescence
  • Nutrition in pregnancy, postpartum and lactation
  • Diet in menopause and aging
  • Food under special conditions

Influence of lifestyle on women's health 

  • Recommendations for physical activity throughout life
  • Toxic exposure in childhood, childbearing age, menopause
  • Psychological aspects and emotional management
  • Importance of prevention

Endometriosis Course

Endometriosis Course is a multidisciplinary integrative online training aimed at patients and anyone interested in learning more about endometriosis, a chronic disease that affects around two million women in Spain.

Launched by Kiara Women with the collaboration of the team of women's health specialists from the Women's CD Gynecological Center, the Endometriosis Course provides rigorously up-to-date and quality information, explained in an accessible way with a syllabus that covers the most relevant aspects of the disease and its treatment.

  • What is Endometriosis
  • Causes and symptoms of Endometriosis
  • Diagnosis and current challenges
  • Treatment options
  • Fertility with Endometriosis
  • Nutrition for Endometriosis
  • Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and Exercise
  • Psychology and Emotional Management
  • Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Yoga and Meditation
  • Benefits of integrative multidisciplinary treatment

The course is organized to be completed in 7 weeks, with a dedication of 2 to 3 hours per week, but it can also be done at the pace you want for as long as you consider appropriate.

56 videos

Videos with detailed explanations directly from specialists and with visual support material.

51 Downloadable

Guides, tables, guidelines, summaries and more downloadable material to easily have the most relevant content within reach.

Question Session

Questions in writing and in sessions dedicated live to specialists

Women's Private Group

Access to an exclusive community made up of women, with whom to share experiences and advice.


Dr. Francisco Carmona. Hymenoplasty surgeon. Photo of Dr. Camona

Dr Francisco Carmona

Gynecologist, expert in endometriosis

World reference in Endometriosis and Gynecological Laparoscopy. Specialist in benign gynecological pathology and pelvic floor disorders.

Dr. Mariona Rius specialized in endometriosis and benign gynecological pathology as well as laparoscopic surgery.

Dr. Mariona Rius

Gynecologist, expert in gynecological ultrasound

Specialist in endometriosis, gynecological ultrasound, benign gynecological pathology and laparoscopic surgery.

Dr. Carla Castell Dr. Carla Castell is a Women's gynecologist who specializes in the fertility area and is in charge of the assisted reproduction unit.

Dr. Carla Castell

Gynecologist, fertility specialist

Responsible for the Assisted Reproduction Unit of Women's CD. She is a specialist in Gynecology, Obstetrics and Fertility and assisted reproduction.

claudia brassesco

claudia brassesco

Integrative Dietitian-Nutritionist

Nutritionist specialized in menstrual health, endometriosis and assisted reproduction.

Doctor of Psychology Emma Ribas

Dr. Emma Ribas

Psychologist and Sexologist

Specialist in individual, couple and family psychotherapy, in sexology, mindfulness, gynecological psychology, perinatal and pain management and pathologies.

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