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PNIE stands for Psycho Neuro Immune Endocrinology, a medical discipline with an integrative vision whose main objective is to improve health and, failing that, to restore it. A study of the person as a whole is carried out, without separating organs and systems of the human body by subspecialties.

From the Women's CD Gynecological Center, we want to provide an integrative and holistic vision of the Gynecology and the Obstetrics, addressing the different areas that can affect the health of our patients.

We propose a detailed, meticulous Clinical History and Physical Examination, with the aim of know the origin of the problem to solve it, analyzing all the neuro-endocrine system, responsible for the hormonal component, without underestimating the immune system that makes up our defenses and integrating the emotional system that modulates our entire organism.

It is not about alleviating symptoms, but about knowing the cause of the problem so that the treatment is really effective and lasts over time: "if you aim for a target ... it is difficult to fail."


The way to understand this medicine is called Psycho Neuro Immune Endocrinology, commonly called with the acronym PNIE. This integrative medical discipline whose main objective is to promote health and, failing that, to restore it, studies the person as a whole, without separating the organs and systems by subspecialty. Do not neglect the mind-body relationship, very present in Chinese, Greek or Hindu medicine, and makes the person totally participant in their own Health.

The patient must be aware of what is happening to her and why it is happening to her, since this fact will allow us to modulate deeply ingrained behaviors or habits that sometimes harm you, even without knowing it.

The objective of the doctor is to identify the origin of the problem and help the patient to solve it, thanks to medical knowledge, clinical experience and the willpower of the patient herself.

From the gynecological point of view, at Women's CD, thanks to continuous training, based on scientific evidence, the latest technology and the multidisciplinary team that we have, we can give a vision psychoneuroimmunoendocrinological  to the different stages that women go through.


We want to accompany you during adolescence, youth, pregnancy, maturity and menopause. Addressing common problems such as hormonal problems, menstrual disturbances, polycystic ovary syndrome, premenstrual syndrome, endometriosis, pain with sexual intercourse, recurrent gynecological infections, infertility and vaginal dryness, among others.

We want to help you get to know each other and know your needs depending on the moment of life in which you find yourself, providing you with tools to have good Health and to enjoy each stage of your life.

We want to advise you so that, when looking for pregnancy, you are in the best psychoneuroimmunoendocrinological conditions, increased the chances of success of achieving pregnancy and the correct development of the baby. We ensure the well-being of the baby from intrauterine life.

Each person is unique, hence not everything works for everyone. It's very important a personalized and individualized medicine that attends to the circumstances of each person, only in this way will we achieve our objectives.

Do not doubt make an appointment PNIE with us from September 2021. A comprehensive and personalized solution for Women's Health.

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