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How is the hospital process for a hysterectomy. Hospital bed

How is the hospital process for a hysterectomy

We are going to explain in this article what are the steps to take when a patient has to undergo a hysterectomy which is a surgical intervention belonging to the gynecological surgery which consists of the removal of the uterus.

Before admission

Solid or carbonated liquid food should not be eaten at least 6 hours before the time of hysterectomy operation in order to ensure that the stomach remains empty at the time of induction of the anesthesia.

It is necessary for patients to practice a bowel preparation prior to surgery to ensure that the large intestine is empty and thus prevent both the possibility of damage to this organ and its possible consequences. In general, this preparation consists of a special diet (poor in residues) days before surgery and in the placement of cleansing enemas the day of the intervention.


The patient must go to the hospital where the hysterectomy surgery on the day and at the time agreed with him surgeon. Usually that happens the same day of the intervention. Exceptionally, it will occur the day before it. At that time, they will approach the information service of the clinic or hospital with all the necessary documentation for admission.

At that time a room will be assigned to you and you will be escorted to it while waiting for the intervention.

Preoperative hysterectomy process

A few minutes before the scheduled time for the start of the surgical intervention, the patient will be taken to the surgical room where the patient will be awaited. anesthetist, gynecological surgeon and its assistants as well as the components of the nursing team.

At that moment you will meet the anesthetist and surgical nurse who will objectify the normality of the patient's vital signs and proceed to channel a pathway peripheral venous through which the administration of the anesthetic drugs and to the dose of preventive antibiotic.

Postoperative process of hysterectomy

After finishing the surgery, proceed to awaken the patient in the OR and its transfer to the recovery room. The patient will remain in this area until she has regained consciousness, can communicate with the doctors without problem, and her symptoms have been restored. vital signs. En el recovery area You will be given established pain relievers to control the pain. postoperative pain.

When the patient is fully recovered from anesthesia They will be transferred to the plant room, which usually occurs between 2 and 4 hours after the surgery. During this period the doctor will inform the family of any incident that may arise.

La bladder catheter which is placed just before surgery, is removed between 12 and 24 hours after the intervention.

During the first hours of postoperative the patient will be hydrated through serums administered through a venous route in the arm, starting oral fluid intake about 6 hours after the intervention. If this is tolerated by the patient, the normal diet will start immediately, although this depends on each patient since after a surgery with general anesthesia o regional, not all people regain their appetite immediately.

The mobilization of the patient is very early, within the first 12-24 hours of recovery in the room. It is clearly demonstrated that early mobilization it facilitates the rapid recovery of the patient and avoids possible problems associated with immobility.

Discharge usually occurs between 24 and 48 hours after surgery and is a function of factors such as whether the patient can urinate on her own, not present fever ni pains not controllable with analgesics, have not appeared vaginal bleeding or other complications and can carry out a normal diet.

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