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Feeding Tips During Confinement, The Best Service In Your Clinic In Barcelona

How should my diet be during confinement?

Dr. Francisco Carmona excellence in gynecology
The gynecologist Damián Dexeus

Dr. Francisco Carmona
Scientific Director of Women's
Dr. Damian Dexeus
Women's Medical Director

Dr. Francisco Carmona
Scientific Director of Women's
Dr. Damian Dexeus
Women's Medical Director

In this situation, with hardly leaving home all day, it is very necessary that you take care of your diet and maintain a balanced, varied and natural diet, that is, a diet that provides you with the essential vitamins and minerals. How to get it? Do not snack between meals, hydrate yourself well, maintain fixed times for meals and plan weekly menus in which you avoid precooked and pastries, and favor fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes.

During confinement, it is very likely that the time you spend sitting in front of the computer, mobile phone or television has increased, and that your usual practice of physical exercise has decreased, either because you cannot go to the gym, or because it is impossible to go out to enjoy a good walk.

At the same time that our sedentary lifestyle increases, the temptations to snack between meals, to have a sugary soda or to resort to precooked foods that save us a while in the kitchen grow.

To avoid weight gain and your undesirable consequences For your health, it is very important that you find time for yourself and that you practice some physical exercise daily that relaxes you and allows you to maintain your tone.

For example, in the middle of the morning you can follow a Pilates tutorial or a good yoga session, and at sunset, if you feel like it, you can put on some music and dance alone or, even better, with your partner.

In addition to doing physical exercise on a daily basis, it is important to plan both the purchase and the weekly menus, and maintain schedules that allow you to control the snacking between meals, because although there is no nutrient or a compound that helps us prevent virus infection , yes we can take care of ourselves, stay strong and eat very healthy.

What products and foods should we avoid

The products that we must "remove" from our diet, especially now that we spend less energy, are the same as always:

  • Soft drinks (sweetened and / or carbonated drinks), industrial juices and, of course, alcoholic beverages.
  • Fast food, ultra-processed and pre-cooked foods, such as batters, croquettes, pizzas, lasagna, cannelloni or hamburgers, etc., due to their high fat and / or sugar content.
  • And the pastries and pastries, which should be moderated and reserved only for special occasions.

What foods should we prioritize?

Before knowing what we should eat, it is important that we insist on how necessary it is to drink enough and maintain good hydration. Remember: you can drink water, vegetable broths and infusions. And keep in mind that tap water is perfectly healthy, 100% free of viruses and bacteria.

But keep in mind also that the best nutritional plan It is the one that adjusts to your physical conditions, your lifestyle, and your needs or special regimes according to your circumstances.

Fruits and vegetables: take a day a minimum of five servings of fruits and vegetables, preferably fresh seasonal and local fruit.

Cereals and legumes: bread, pasta, rice are always better if you take them whole grains, and legumes, stewed or stewed, combine them with vegetables.

Meats and foods of animal origin: consume them in moderation, preferably choose poultry meats, such as chicken and turkey, and avoid the consumption of sausages and fatty meats of any animal. And both in meat and fish, it is better to cook on the grill or sauté.

Olive oil, nuts and seeds: they provide healthy fats (omega 3 and 6) and reduce cardiovascular risk and diabetes. Nuts (walnuts, almonds, etc.) and seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, etc.) are better natural or toasted than fried, sugary or salty.

Women's, by your side

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