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The team of specialists in Women's Health of the Women's Clinic collaborates with the magazine Know how to live providing contents of gynecology, obstetrics and other factors that have to do with aspects of female health.

Saber Vivir is the best-selling monthly magazine in Spain, also known by the name Saber Vivir TVE thanks to the program that was made on TV1 for many years. It is a highly prestigious publication with a long publishing history, where leading specialists collaborate. Women's CD is a comprehensive clinical center for women's health care led by the Dr Dexeus and Dr Francisco Carmona.

Saber Vivir RBA Magazine. Dr. Francisco Carmona gynecologist in Barcelona
Saber Vivir RBA Magazine. Dr. Francisco Carmona gynecologist in Barcelona

@WomensCDinfo News on women's health 

El team of gynecologists and top-level specialists founded by Women's CD in 2016 included three Heads of Services from reference hospitals in Barcelona: Hospital-Clinic (Dr. Francisco Carmona), Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital (Dr. Sergio Martínez) and Hospital de Sant Pau (Dr. Oriol Porta), as well as professionals with a lot of experience in women's medicine such as Dr. Montse Manubens, Dr. Dolores Ojeda, Dr. Damian Dexeus among other members of our team. These specialists, all of whom are currently following, except Dr. Martínez, give rise to a unique team in terms of the scientific and medical level of its components, which allows it to address any type of complex problem in its clinical sessions to be.

Know how to live

Women's CD invites you to subscribe to the Saber Vivir magazine for health content, the best-selling magazine in Spain for its content that is characterized by its quality and rigor.

Dr. Dexeus and Dr. Carmona have a comprehensive vision of women's care which they transmit to their team. A factor in which they coincide with the Saber Vivir magazine that offers quality content oriented to all aspects related to health and that contribute to leading a healthier and healthier life. The objective of the Women's team is, thanks to its experience, to contribute some specific content on women's health in the publication of the RBA group.

Featured Articles from Saber Vivir y Well-being of Women

May 2021
Ten foods to avoid (and another 10 to include in your shopping cart) if you suffer from endometriosis | Lifestyle
Known as the silenced disease, endometriosis is a painful pathology associated with the rule that affects 10% of women of childbearing age in the world, a figure that is around two million in Spain, half a million of them in their most serious.
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April 2021
9 false myths about endometriosis you should know
Dr. Francisco Carmona, head of the Gynecology Service of the Hospital Clinic and a reference in the treatment of this disorder, clarifies the main doubts about endometriosis in his manual "Endometriosis".
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Aug 2020
Itching and yeast infection
Dr. Laura Cortés explains the relationship between itching and candidiasis

Candidiasis is not a serious disease but it causes very annoying intense itching. See more information in the magazine article.

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Aug 2020
Changes in the skin during the phases of the menstrual cycle
Dr. Manubens explains to us in Saber Vivir how hormonal changes related to menstruation affect our skin.

Changes in the skin during the phases of the menstrual cycle cause it to become oilier, drier, or hydrated and elastic.

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Last update: April 2021.

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