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Laparoscopic Surgery for the Removal of Ovarian Cysts

Laparoscopic surgery for the removal of ovarian cysts

Dr. Francisco Carmona. Gynecologist specializing in endometriosis


Dr Francisco Carmona

Scientific Director of Women's.

Dr. Mariona Rius specialized in endometriosis and benign gynecological pathology as well as laparoscopic surgery.


Dr. Mariona Rius

Expert in endometriosis and gynecological ultrasound.

Surgical treatment is the treatment that we recommend in Womens's CD when the cyst does not disappear spontaneously, it grows, reaches a considerable size and the pain or discomfort is excessive.

It is important to bear in mind that cysts, from a certain size, even if they do not yet cause discomfort, can rupture and release their contents in the abdomen, or they can twist, prevent blood flow and cause a heart attack in the cyst and in the ovary.

In these cases, if the cyst ruptures or torsion occurs (the ovary turns on itself), emergency surgery will be necessary, essential but with possible undesirable consequences for the patient, such as loss of the ovary. .

For this reason, to avoid later problems, it may be advisable to anticipate the complication, schedule a surgical intervention and remove the cyst.


If ovarian cyst It is benign, the surgical intervention will be performed by laparoscopy, because it is a minimally invasive surgical technique, which allows the patient to intervene by making small incisions and without having to open the abdomen.

The procedure is the next:

  • The day before the intervention, we recommend a soft diet for the patient.
  • To perform laparoscopy, general anesthesia is usually applied.
  • Rather than opening (as in a cesarean delivery), we make small painless incisions very close to the belly button.
  • Through the incisions, we introduce gas (carbon dioxide) to bulge the abdomen and provide space and visibility for the surgeon.
  • We introduce surgical instruments (tweezers, scalpel and other very small devices) that allow us to manipulate internally without having to open the abdomen.
  • Next, we place a tube with a small camera (the laparoscope) through the incision.
  • The camera, controlled by a second surgeon, allows us to visualize the interior of the abdomen and see it on a screen placed in the operating room.
  • When the cyst has been removed, the incisions are closed with simple stitches and, very frequently, the patient is discharged the same day, although we recommend that you avoid strenuous exercise for a week.


The advantages of laparoscopic surgery are numerous:

  • It allows to intervene on the patient without having to open the abdomen.
  • The incisions are millimetric and, therefore, the scars are very small and almost imperceptible.
  • The hospital stay is much shorter: in general, the patient is discharged and can return home the same day the intervention is performed.
  • El postoperative it is less painful, requires less medication, and the risk of infection is reduced.
  • Recovery is much faster and, generally, in two weeks the patient is discharged.

La laparoscopic surgery It is a great therapeutic option, but it must be carried out by highly specialized medical professionals with adequate experience.

In Women's CD, always in constant renewal and specialization, we are trained to offer this minimally invasive surgical technique even in cysts of 15 to 20 centimeters.

And, also of great importance, thanks to our experience we are able to make a very precise diagnosis and differentiate when the cyst is benign from when it might not be.

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