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Laparoscopy. Womens, Excellence In Gynecology Answers Your Doubts About Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopy. Frequently asked questions about this surgical technique

La laparoscopy it is one of the most used surgery techniques and less invasive in gynecology. You may have to undergo an operation and you have been told that it will be done by laparoscopy, before this many women wonder What is a laparoscopy? In this article we are going to give you an answer to the most frequently asked questions on this topic from one of the best gynecological surgeons in the world, the Dr Francisco Carmona.

  1. What is laparoscopic surgery?

La laparoscopic surgery It is a minimally invasive surgical technique that allows the patient to intervene by making small incisions and without having to open the abdomen.

  1. Laparoscopic surgery, is it safe?

Laparoscopic surgery is safe and a great therapeutic option, but it must be performed by highly specialized medical professionals with adequate experience.

  1. What are the advantages of laparoscopic surgery?

It allows to intervene on the patient without having to open the abdomen.

The incisions are millimetric, they do not cause pain and the scars are very small and almost imperceptible.

The camera improves the visualization of the operative field and this allows the surgeon to be much more precise

  1. After the intervention, is the patient's recovery shorter?

Yes, the postoperative period is less painful, requires less medication, the risk of infection is reduced and the patient's recovery is much faster.

But the hospital stay is also much shorter: the patient is frequently discharged and can return home the same day the intervention is performed.

  1. What is a surgical intervention with laparoscopic surgery?
  • We make small painless incisions very close to the navel instead of opening the abdomen, as we would, for example, in a cesarean delivery.
  • Through the incisions, we introduce gas to bulge the abdomen and give the surgeon space and visibility.
  • We introduce surgical instruments (tweezers, scalpel and other very small devices) that allow us to manipulate internally without having to open the abdomen.
  • Next, we place a tube with a small camera (the laparoscope) through the incision.
  • The camera, controlled by a second surgeon, allows us to visualize the interior of the abdomen and see it on a screen placed in the operating room.
  • When the intervention is finished, we close the incisions with simple stitches and, very frequently, the patient is discharged that same day.
  1. The camera, what does it bring?

Viewing the image on a monitor greatly facilitates the procedure and allows the surgeon's team to play an active role.

The camera improves the visualization of the operative field and thanks to this the surgeon is much more precise

In addition, camera interventions can be recorded for later evaluation.

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