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Here is a list of the Medical insurance with whom we work in the gynecological clinic Women's CD from Barcelona. If you want to know the details of the professionals who work with each health insurance mutual, you can consult it in our Query page.

Adeslas. Gynecology medical insurance. Adeslas logo

ADESLAS - 24 hour service phone: 900 50 50 40 y  91 125 98 41

The company ADESLAS It belongs to SegurCaixa and offers various types of insurance to choose between Outpatient coverage, Full coverage and Reimbursement.

Grouped. Gynecology medical insurance. Agrupació logo

AGRUPACIÓ - Customer service telephone numbers: 930 039 696 y 919 023 131

The insurance company GROUPED (Assurances du credit mutuel) belongs to the Tomamos Impulso group, it offers various possibilities of medical coverage with its own centers, telephone medical attention, PRIME services and a virtual health card.

Assistència Sanitària. Gynecology medical insurance. Assistència Sanitària logo

ASISTÈNCIA SANITÁRIA - Customer service telephone number: 93 495 44 44 y 93 280 33 66

HEALTHCARE is an insurance company whose main objective is to make private healthcare available to many people. It has several personalized plans that adapt to our needs such as Basic Plan, Medibásic Plan, Basic plus, Compensa Salud, International class, hospitalization and surgery and accident policy.

Aegon. Gynecology medical insurance. Aegon logo

AEGON - Customer Service Phone: 900 159 000 y 91 563 2000. If you are not a customer 91 123 56 47

The company AEGON, puts at our disposal a wide variety of health insurance. With Aegon's private health insurance we will have access to a wide medical chart that includes more than 50.000 specialists and the best health coverage. We can select the one that best suits our needs:: health insurance without copayment and with copayment, basic health insurance, Aegon health reimbursement, family health insurance and dental insurance. 

AXA Group. Gynecology medical insurance. AXA logo

AXA - 24-hour helpline: 900 30 01 88, Y  91 111 95 43  y 900 103 677

El grupo AXIS provides its clients with solutions tailored to their needs in order to promote long-term peace of mind. Its main products are Non-Life, Health and Protection as well as Life or Asset Management.

Cigna. Gynecology medical insurance. Cigna logo

CIGNA - Customer Service 902 363 666 Emergency 91 179 14 87  y  93 259 34 14. Free phone 902 125 130

CIGNA is a global Health Insurance company dedicated to helping people improve their health, well-being and safety. They have a wide range of health plans and services, as well as health and wellness programs, created to meet the needs of their, providers and partners. Cigna Salud is recognized as a business health specialist.

Clinic. Gynecology medical insurance. Clinic logo

CLÍNICUM - Customer service telephone: 93 237 1 1 22

The company CLINICUM, offers different health insurance, with solutions that adapt to the needs of its clients. Among its services we find: Clínicum Premium, Clínicum Total, Clínicum Family and Clínicum Easy.

Caser Insurance. Gynecology medical insurance. Caser Seguros logo

CASER SEGUROS - Customer service telephone number: 91 055 16 61. 24-hour emergencies: 902 190 191 y 91 590 96 40

The company CASER INSURANCE It offers us a large number of insurance modalities such as Caser Salud Inicia, Caser Salud Activa, Caser Salud Médica, Caser Salud Médica, Caser Salud Adapta + Dental, Caser Salud Young, Caser Salud para Familias, Caser Salud Seniors, Caser Salud Pregnancy, Caser Salud No Copayment, Caser Salud con Refundable.

Cosalud. Gynecology medical insurance. Cosalud logo

COSALUD - Customer service phone 932 220 212

The COSALUD group is made up of 3 insurance companies such as Catalana Occidente, Plus Ultra Seguros and Seguros Bilbao. Each of these companies offers us a large number and variety of products that adapt to our needs.

DKV. Gynecology medical insurance. DKV logo

DKV - 24-hour telephone numbers: 900 810 074 y 976 991 199 Customer Service 900 500 101

The company DKV It offers us the best insurance to access private medicine, putting at our disposal more than 40.000 specialist doctors and more than 1000 centers.

Allianz. Gynecology medical insurance. Allianz logo

ALLIANZ - 24 hour service phone: 900 300 386

The company Allianz Health It offers us a wide range of possibilities with its different medical insurance and modalities such as Reimbursement insurance, arranged chart and dental insurance.

Generali. Gynecology medical insurance. Generali logo

GENERALI - 24-hour telephone service: 910 325 725

The company GENERAL It offers us different contracting modalities, to adapt to the needs of the clients. Thus we find Insurance with a medical chart, Insurance with Reimbursement, Insurance for Serious Diseases and Health Insurance and subsidy.

Mapfre. Gynecology medical insurance. Mapfre logo

MAPFRE - 24-hour helpline: 900 122 122 and customer service phone 918 365 365

The insurance company MAPFRE offers us a wide variety of coverage in its policies. Among their insurances we find: Extra hospital assistance with co-payment, full assistance with co-payment, full assistance without co-payment and basic assistance.

General Mutual of Catalonia. Gynecology medical insurance. Logo of Mútua General de Catalunya

MÚTUA GENERAL DE CATALUNYA - Customer service telephone number: 93 414 36 00

La GENERAL MUTUAL OF CATALUNYA  is an insurance company that offers us different healthcare products that best suit our needs. We have Global, Total, One and Multisalud insurance.

Information about health insurance and health insurance

If you have a private health insurance that is not on this list, you can check with our management department to find out more precisely. You should also bear in mind that if you have a refund policy o reimbursement medical coverage you can request visit as a private patient.

The sector Health insurance It is very dynamic and new policies and coverages appear on a regular basis. At Women's CD we work with the main insurance companies in the health sector.

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