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La gynecologic pelvic oncology refers to malignant pathologies that are located in the pelvic area of ​​women. According to Spanish Society of Medical Oncology (SEOM) within the 5 most frequent cancers in women, 3 of them occur in this area: colorectal, uterus and ovaries.

En Women's Barcelona you will find your best ally. We have a multidisciplinary team, experts in pelvic oncology, endowed with the most advanced technology, always focused on a single objective: To take care of you and provide you with a diagnosis and treatment adapting to the situation in which you find yourself, in addition to being your support. in every moment.

Remember that an early diagnosis is the key to success, therefore, you should not postpone the reviews.

More information on pelvic gynecological cancer

Pelvic cancer treatment

In the case of the treatment of gynecological cancer in the pelvic area of ​​women, there are usually questions related to the pelvic radiation therapy. The doubts of the patients are usually in relation to the discomfort, side effects and the consequences related to the physical sequelae.

In general, pelvic radiation therapy can affect the menstruation. If there is an excision in the reproductive area, the menopause will be entered and the specialist will inform you of the most common effects of the same. The removal of the uterus It can cause problems with the pelvic floor muscles and / or prolapse, or sagging, of the organs located in the pelvic cavity.

After performing radiotherapy sessions, one of the most frequent effects is the vaginal dryness which can be more intense in the case of already being in the menopause. It is possible to have vaginal bleeding in the first weeks that does not have to be menstruation, we recommend that you consult with your specialist in this case.

Radiation therapy sessions also affect the lymphatic system since in that area there are lymph nodes that can be affected, giving rise to a edema on the woman's legs.

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