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Frequently asked questions about the pelvic floor

When should we be concerned about the consistency or position of the pelvic floor?

El pelvic floor It should always be a cause for occupation (not a concern). However, it is above all after pregnancies and deliveries when we should pay special attention to this structure. In addition, there are other conditions that are associated with problems of the pelvic floor how are the obesity, chronic constipation chronic cough and others. In those cases we should also be especially careful with the pelvic floor

What are the effects of pelvic floor reconstructive surgery?

HR pelvic floor disorders such as prolapses and incontinence, among others, produce a significant alteration in the quality of life of the patient who suffers them. It is easy to understand that your resolution will restore quality of life completely of the woman as long as the procedure indicated (whether surgery, rehabilitation, physiotherapy or others) is correct and is carried out by an expert.

Are Kegel exercises effective for prevention?

Although kegel exercises can be effective in preventing problems with the pelvic floor the most advisable thing is to go to an expert who is capable of evaluating the state of the floor of our pelvis and advising us on the best way to prevent the specific problems that each woman may present in the future.

Can Kegel exercises be harmful in excess?

No. Nor do they have to be when they are done because they are indicated and supervised by an expert. If it could be harmful if they are done in situations in which they are not indicated, such as some cases of chronic pelvic pain, for example

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