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La pelvic floor physiotherapy is a discipline of Health that offers a conservative, non-pharmacological therapeutic alternative to alleviate both acute and chronic symptoms of multiple specialties.

Pelvic floor reeducation will help you strengthen, tone and strengthen your pelvic muscles to improve your quality of life

Problems like Urinary incontinence or fecal, the pelvic organ prolapse, constipation, sexual dysfunctions such as dyspareunia (coital pain), decreased sensitivity in sexual intercourse or vaginismus or chronic pelvic pain syndrome greatly affect a woman's quality of life. Despite this, there are still many women who do not consult. In the Physiotherapy unit de Women's CD from Barcelona We have a team of physiotherapists who are experts in pelvic floor dysfunctions who, after an exhaustive and individual evaluation of each case, will choose the most efficient techniques for rehabilitation and training of the pelvic floor muscles. These techniques have shown their effectiveness widely in the prevention and treatment of these pathologies.

The team of professionals that make up the Physiotherapy unit is specialized in the recovery and treatment of abdominal and perineal dysfunctions, with training in the fields of gynecology, sexology, urology, andrology and proctology.

Stephanie Kauffman has extensive experience in caring for women at different stages of her life, especially at times when the pelvic floor is especially vulnerable: in maternal preparation, postpartum recovery or menopausal stage.

In addition, the head of the Unit, Stephanie Kauffman, combines clinical care with collaboration as university professor at the International University of Catalonia (UIC) and the Central University of Catalonia (UCC), and is a trainer of continuous training courses for physiotherapists in the area of ​​obstetrics, pelvic floor dysfunctions and chronic pelvic pain.

Stéphanie Kauffmann from the Womens Clinic team

Stephanie Kauffman

Physiotherapist, expert in the pelvic floor.

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