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At Women's CD we have the latest technologies to offer the best gynecological service possible to our patients. One of these technologies is 4d and 3D ultrasound.

4D ultrasound - Live the emotion of a unique moment

During pregnancy, pregnancy follow-up ultrasounds , a 3D ECHO (images in photo format) and 4D (moving images) can become a unique and rewarding moment, a relevant moment where we carry out official presentations before delivery:

An 4D ultrasound It is a non-invasive technique and without any type of risk for the baby and the pregnant woman. The procedure is performed by sliding a transducer over the pregnant woman's abdomen, allowing the images to be captured from different angles to be enjoyed, revealing more detailed images of the fetus. Unlike 3D ultrasound, a 4D ultrasound consists of the sequence of 3D images in motion and in real time

4D ultrasounds aim to enjoy an unforgettable meeting and live a tender moment for posterity.

You will discover what your baby will be like before it is born, its movements, its gestures, its face, its little hands ... 20 minutes watching your child grow and form inside you.

Once the session is over, you can take the images with you in a memory USB and, in addition, you can instantly download and share ultrasound images and videos with the application HELLO MOM.

En Women's we allow more than one person to accompany you. Share this moment with the people who are important to you!

What can you see?

These are some of the experiences you can see with 4D and 3D technology

  • Weeks 16-20:You will be able to see your baby in full body and get excited when you see his first gestures
  • Week 20-26:The little one is already more formed. You will be able to get excited seeing in detail how his face, hands and, who knows, maybe some of his first kicks.
  • Week 27-30:You will be able to see and enjoy your baby, seeing his gestures, yawns, smiles or even see how he holds his hands or sucks his finger.

Why on Women's CD?

Because we have the most advanced technology, with one of the highest definition ultrasound machines on the market. You will feel that you are next to the baby at all times.

You will be attended by a gynecologist who specializes in ultrasound and prenatal diagnosis.

We are a reference center, made up of a team of professionals who share values, ethics and a humane treatment. An environment on the other hand in which you will feel sheltered.

We are committed to women, so we want to share this special moment.

* If the pregnancy is twins or twins, it must be reported by contacting the center in advance so that they can inform you of the necessary conditions.

The objective of these ultrasounds is only to enjoy an unforgettable meeting and live a tender moment for posterity, in no case should they, nor can they substitute for the ultrasound scans recommended by your doctor, as they are not diagnostic ultrasound scans.

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