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Breast Cyst and Breast Cancer Risk

Breast cyst and risk of breast cancer

Breast cysts or fibroadenomas (solid non-cancerous lumps) increase the future risk of breast cancer, research presented at the 13th European Congress on Breast Cancer has shown.
Triple Negative Breast Cancer Discovered A New Drug Target

Triple negative breast cancer: a new drug target discovered

Thanks to their joint action, the combination of a new inhibitor molecule and a chemotherapy drug suppresses the growth of triple-negative breast cancer cells, one of the most aggressive breast cancers and the worst responder to treatment.
Endometriosis: The Possible Pain Mechanisms

Endometriosis: possible mechanisms of pain

The definition of the origin and causes of the painful process of endometriosis remains incomplete. Clinical studies have revealed that patients with endometriosis experience complex pain, of which neuropathic pain is a part.
Rise in Early-Onset Cancer

Increase in early-onset cancer

The incidence of early-onset cancers (diagnosed in adult men and women under 50 years of age) has increased globally in recent decades. Only prevention and regular medical check-ups can alleviate this situation.
What Is The Optimal Hydration During Labor

What is the optimal hydration during childbirth

A recent study has shown that good hydration during childbirth significantly reduces labor, decreases caesarean sections and fever, and is positive for breastfeeding and the general health of mother and baby.

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