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In this press section we offer you the news in the media in relation to the team of specialists that are part of the Women's medical staff, made up of Heads of Services and Area of ​​several reference hospitals in Barcelona. It also shows contents related to scientific advances, treatment, diagnosis and other aspects that have to do with general gynecology, fertility, gynecological oncology, pregnancy, etc.

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March 2022th
Covid vaccines have not yet been shown to alter the menstrual cycle
Surely you have heard a friend or close colleague say that, after vaccination, they have noticed that their menstrual cycle has changed in some way —especially in intensity or duration—. To date, scientists have not been able to show that such disorders were caused by the vaccine.
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January 2021
Hospital Clínic performs the first uterus transplant in Spain
The Hospital Clínic de Barcelona has successfully carried out the first uterus transplant in Spain.
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October 2020
The vaccine is the best strategy against certain cancers that affect women
Interview with Dr. Damián Dexeus in the Voice of Charo of Radio Alma.

This is how the doctor dexeus, and also comments that breast cancer has a multifactorial origin; age, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, and environmental factors, such as pollution, or inherited genetics.

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October 2020
Uterine fibroids are also called fibroids and are benign tumors found in the muscular layer of the uterus.
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Aug 2020
Changes in the skin during the phases of the menstrual cycle
Dr. Manubens explains to us in Saber Vivir how hormonal changes related to menstruation affect our skin.

Changes in the skin during the phases of the menstrual cycle cause it to become oilier, drier, or hydrated and elastic.

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July 2020
Interview with Dr. Carmona about endometriosis
The ESA conducts an interview with Dr. Carmona about the current situation in the pathology of endometriosis.
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May 2020
What will the future Hospital Clínic be?
The Hospital Clínic de Barcelona is ranked number 21 among the best medical centers in the world. However, you have little space to care for your patients.
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January 2020
When someone is found to have cancer, the question of how the disease will affect their sex life is high on their list of concerns after diagnosis. Hence the emergence of a subspecialty in the field of medicine called "oncosexuality", which is dedicated to studying the relationships between cancer and sexuality.
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October 2019
Santiago Dexeus: biography of an eminence of gynecology
We review the biography of Santiago Dexeus, a Catalan gynecologist who has developed a long and prolific career serving his patients.
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March 2019th
Dr. Santiago Dexeus receives a heartfelt tribute in Barcelona
His wife, Lola Ojeda, organized a dinner last Friday on the occasion of his retirement. An appointment that brought together several personalities from Catalan society.
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June 2018
Conference: Heart disease: the leading cause of death for women
Lecture by Dr. Santiago Dexeus in Rotary International District 2202 titled.
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Aug 2013
Treatment of endometriosis
Dr. Francisco Carmona is interviewed at the OEI on the subject of individualizing the treatment of endometriosis.

The OEI is the Ibero-American Network for Communication and Dissemination of Scientific Information. An initiative of the Organization of Ibero-American States for Education, Science and Culture (OEI) that has the support of the Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment of the Junta de Andalucía.

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May 2009
The recognition of my patients, the one that interests me the most
I have the recognition of my patients, the one that interests me the most »Santiago Dexeus, gynecologist from Barcelona.
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20Jan 20
Dr. Francisco Carmona Excellence In Gynecology

The puzzle man

Participation of Dr. Francisco Carmona published on January 19 in the supplement Tu Salud de La Razón
18December 19
Dr. Francisco Carmona Excellence In Gynecology

When is it a fibroid?

Participation of Dr. Francisco Carmona published in the magazine Saber Vivir on December 18. If these lumps in the uterus are not "normal", why are they not removed? Elisa García ...

12October 19
Dr. Francisco Carmona Excellence In Gynecology

Contraceptives, long-acting methods

Article by Dr. Francisco Carmona published on October 12 in the El País medicine supplement The so-called LARC (acronym of its name in English: Long Acting Reversible ...


We inform you in this section of our website of the latest news in the press and news related to the Women's CD teams.

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