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A "barrier" Reduces Adhesion Formation After Endometriosis Surgery.

A "barrier" reduces adhesion formation after endometriosis surgery

The use of the adhesion barrier 4DryField® PH significantly reduces the formation of adhesions, their extension and their severity after endometriosis surgery, according to a new study by German scientists from the University Hospital of Tübingen.

A team of researchers led by Dr. Höller, from the Department of Women's Health of the University Hospital of Tübingen (Germany), has carried out a prospective, randomized and controlled study in order to evaluate the efficacy of the 4DryField® PH adhesion barrier to prevent the formation of adhesions after endometriosis surgery, a problem that can affect 90% of patients.

In endometriosis, the inner lining of the uterus (the endometrium) implants out of its usual place. From there, she prepares each month for a possible pregnancy. Since the endometrium is not in place, the period has no way out and therefore stays inside the body. These remains of menstruation, a fluid of sticky consistency, produce adhesions, that is, organs such as the intestines or ovaries remain stuck together, contributing to pain and infertility, explains Dr. Francisco Carmona in his book Endometriosis.

The formation of adhesions after endometriosis surgery is a problem that can affect 90% of patients ”.

In the study of Tübingen University Hospital included a total of 50 patients with extensive and deep infiltrating endometriosis. Half of the patients received this adhesion barrier, and the other half received only saline solution, with the aim of comparing the formation of adhesions after surgery in both groups.

Later, when the patients underwent a second laparoscopic surgery to assess whether they had adhesions and their extent and severity, the results showed that when the researchers used 4DryField® PH, adhesion formation was 53% less and the severity and extent of adhesions were reduced by 85% compared to patients who received only saline.

4DryField® PH It is a powder formed by hydrophilic and sterile microparticles based on highly purified, biocompatible and hypoallergenic potato starch that forms a gel when in contact with saline solution, which separates the surgical sites and prevents the formation of adhesions.

The researchers point out that future studies are necessary to establish the optimal doses, the best mode of application and the specific molecular impact of this specific adhesion barrier.

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