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El Dr Dexeus He is the Medical Director of the gynecological clinic in Barcelona. Gynecologist specialized in the areas of obstetrics, gynecology, oncology and pathology of the lower genital tract. He has extensive experience in breast cancer surgery and its treatment.

Graduated in 1999 in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Barcelona, ​​in 2005 he obtained a specialization in Gynecology and Obstetrics from the Institut Universitari Dexeus.

The gynecologist Damián Dexeus

He did several external rotations: that of the General Surgery Service at the San Bernardines Hospital in Los Angeles (1997), that of the Breast Surgery Service, at the Centro di Tumori in Milan (1998), that of the Minimally Invasive Surgery Service at the Royal Free Hospital in London (2005) and that of the Oncology Gynecology at the Mayo Clinic Scottsdale in Arizona (2006).

Between 2005 and 2008 he was treasurer of the Spanish Association of Cervical Pathology and Colposcopy. From 2008 to today, he is a member of the accreditation committee of the same.

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    You can also contact Dr. Dexeus on the phone 934 160 606.

    El Dr Dexeus belongs to one of the most famous gynecological sagas worldwide, being his father, Dr. Santiago Dexeus, a pioneer in many fields of fertility and gynecology. He was the first doctor in Spain to achieve the birth of what are known as "test tube babies."

    His grandfather the Dr. Santiago Dexeus Font founded the Mater Clinic, the first Spanish private maternity hospital, and in 1973 brothers Santiago and Josep María founded the well-known Dexeus Institute where they succeeded - until in 1973 he founded with his brother the Dexeus Institute where they stayed until 1990, at that time. During this period, milestones of Spanish medicine were achieved such as the first artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization as well as the first gynecological laparoscopy in Spain.


    A family oriented and totally dedicated to the health and well-being of women throughout several generations. Dexeus It is synonymous with gynecology, excellence and care for women, a premise that has been followed by all members of this medical saga that has given the best gynecologists and that already belongs to the history of Barcelona and Spain.

    Opportunity to be a student of your own father

    Damián Dexeus is the fourth generation of gynecologists and following the family tradition came naturally to him. The Dexeus family maintains a special relationship with medicine and had the opportunity to have as a teacher a world specialist in gynecology and fertility, his father Dr. Dexeus, who is totally dedicated to his profession and to the well-being of women.

    The Human Papilloma Virus

    Damián Dexeus, also have a relevant scientific activity, such as the case of participation in the symposium organized by the Mayo Clinic (days after the celebration of International HPV Awareness Day), presenting a study on the treatment of injuries caused by the cervical infection of the Human Papilloma Virus.

    In it he used a derivative of the "Colorius Versicolor". This derivative is a well-known product in traditional Chinese medicine, but without any tradition in Western medicine. The results show that the disappearance of HPV is achieved in half of the patients, while only 17% of the control group does.


    For Dr. Dexeus, being a mother late is one of the most important and notorious problems in today's society. He does not hesitate to qualify this situation as "unfair", since for the doctor it makes all the sense in the world that women want to delay being their motherhood

    He also has a concern for premature babies. He states that the vast majority of risks are related to the neurological and pulmonary development of the newborn, if it is possible to endure until the 34th week, there is much less probability that newborns suffer this type of problems. Dexeus firmly states that the first hours of life are decisive and that without there is no cerebral hemorrhage between the first 24 hours and the first 3 days, the prognosis is much more positive.

    Another of the prestigious gynecologist's statements is that little ones can suffer retinopathy caused by mechanical ventilation and that statistics indicate that between 15 and 20% of newborns with extreme prematurity do not have sequelae of the elderly. Spain is one of the countries with one of the highest rates in premature babies.

    For Dr. Dexeus, this fact can be explained by different factors:

    1. For the improvement of the evaluation methods,
    2. Increasing maternal age and underlying maternal health problems such as diabetes and hypertension,
    3. Greater use of assisted reproductive treatments, which lead to a higher rate of multiple pregnancies and also changes in obstetric practices (increase in caesarean sections performed before the pregnancy reaches term) Treatment of uterine fibroids

    It is essential that the treatment of fibroids is individualized and adjusted to the circumstances and priorities of each patient.

    Gynecological cancer

    In the case of malignant pathologies, the Director of Womens CD affirms that for cancer to be cured it is essential to carry out an early diagnosis and that this necessarily happens because patients consult their doctors more often. that cancer can be cured with an early diagnosis, since nowadays surgical techniques are very advanced and treatments are designed to the millimeter, achieving a great improvement in prognoses.

    It also highlights the importance of consulting with your doctors at the slightest indication of a problem and thus being able to adhere to the different prevention programs for each case. The Barcelona clinic team is clearly committed to a medicine with preventive strategies that allow an early diagnosis to be reached, aspiring to cure cancer or, failing that, to make it chronic.

    Video of Dr. Dexeus

    Dr. Dexeus talks about uterine cancer on the occasion of World Cancer Day.

    Dexeus IVF

    It is common to associate the words Dexeus and IVF and this has an explanation. It was in the Dexeus clinic founded by the doctor's father, Santiago Dexeus, where the Spain's first test tube baby thanks to the use of In Vitr Fertilizationor. Victoria Anna, turned 35 in 2019 and is part of the history of fertility in Spain.

    Dexeus, a family dedicated to women's health

    1935 - Mater Clinic Foundation

    In 1935 Santiago Dexeus i Font, founded the Mater Clinic, considered the first private maternity hospital in Spain. The clinic was closed during the Spanish Civil War and reopened in 1939 under the name of Clínica Dexeus. The clinic's activity lasted until its transformation in 1973 into the Dexeus Institute, founded by the sons of Santiago Dexeus i Font: Santiago and Josep María. 1935

    1958 - Creation of an official School of Midwives

    In 1958, Santiago Dexeus i Font obtained authorization to create an Official School for Midwives attached to the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Barcelona. Also in that same year, Dr. Dexeus separated the Maternity and Pediatrics sections 1958

    1958 - Santiago Dexeus i Font member of the Royal Academy of Medicine

    Dr. Santiago Dexeus i Font entered the Royal Academy of Medina as an academic in 1958 and did so with the fetal prophylaxis speech. In that same year he founded and directed the journal Progresos de Obstetricia y Ginecología 1958

    1973 - Foundation of the Dexeus Institute in 1973

    Santiago Dexeus and his brother Josep María, founded the Dexeus Institute in 1973. This Institute collects the witness of the Mater Clinic (first private maternity hospital in Spain), created by his father. Santiago was director of the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics of the Institute until 2004, achieving several unprecedented milestones in Spanish medicine, such as the first artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization (IVF). 1973

    2010 - Somdex Gynecology practice foundation

    Santiago Dexeus and his son Damián founded the Somdex Gynecology practice in 2010 at the Tres Torres clinic in Barcelona. 2010

    2016 - Foundation of the Women's Health Institute, today Women's CD

    In 2016 Santiago Dexeus and Trias de Bes, together with his son Damian, joined Dr. Francisco Carmona opening the Women's Health Institute, a center specialized in comprehensive women's health....
    In 2010, together with his son Damián Dexeus, he founded a new practice, Somdex Gynecology, at the Tres Torres clinic in Barcelona?


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