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Dexeus Talks About The Best Treatment Of Endometrial Polyps. Photo By Dexeus

The best treatment for endometrial polyps

The exact cause of endometrial polyps it is unknown, but the prevalence is high and increases with age. Most polyps do not cause discomfort. But, to avoid unwanted consequences, at our Women's CD gynecological clinic in Barcelona we recommend regular gynecological check-ups and, if necessary, remove the polyp quickly and effectively with an intervention through hysteroscopy.

One in five women has or has had one or more in her life endometrial polyps. Many of these women will never know because they will not have discomfort, pain or other symptoms, and / or because the polyps will disappear on their own.

Some patients will discover they have them when they are detected at their scheduled gynecological check-ups, but If they do not have symptoms, it is most likely that they do not need any treatment, beyond regular gynecological care that allows careful monitoring of their evolution.

But there will also be patients who, due to the polyp or polyps, have a irregular bleeding, with a variable intensity, more abundant, of longer duration, between periods, etc.

A minor, fast and very minimally invasive surgical procedure

If this is your case, if you suffer from any of the usual symptoms, the best decision is to go to your gynecologist's office because, through hysteroscopy, a minor surgical procedure, we can remove the polyp, end the symptoms and avoid future complications.

Un endometrial polyp It is removed, as mentioned before, by means of hysteroscopy, a minor surgery, performed vaginally, quickly and very minimally invasive.

  • It is a surgical intervention that can be performed in a ambulatory, in consultation, without operating room or hospital admission.
  • Once the hysteroscopy has been performed, it is most likely that the same day of the intervention the patient will be discharged and will be able to return home.
  • Although statistically it is highly unlikely that the polyp is suspected of malignancy, once removed, we will send a sample to the laboratory to confirm that it is benign.

Here at the Women's CD gynecological clinic in BarcelonaWe have extensive experience in the technique of excision, the aforementioned hysteroscopy, and we have the most modern equipment to proceed safely and precisely with this procedure.

We know that early diagnostic is essential and therefore we always recommend that our patients carry out their regular gynecological check-ups.

In this way, if it is the case, we can address the disease in its most incipient stages and promote the integral well-being of the patients who have placed their trust in Women's.

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