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Gynecology is a branch of medicine that focuses on women’s health and wellness.

At Women’s, we see gynecology as more than just a medical specialty – it’s our genuine commitment to support you through every stage of life, from puberty to menopause. 

We guide and care for you in a personalized and holistic way, always considering your needs, priorities and desires.

What are the functions of gynecology?

The main functions of gynecology are the following:

Periodic Gynecological Check-up and Preventive Care

The annual gynecological screening aims to prevent and effectively treat diseases that can appear at different stages of a woman’s life.

Prenatal and Obstetric Care

Prenatal and obstetric care includes pregnancy monitoring, gynecologic exams, ultrasounds and medical tests to ensure proper prenatal diagnosis, fetal well-being monitoring and a comfortable and safe pregnancy.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Gynecological Diseases

Gynecologists diagnose and treat a wide range of gynecologic diseases and conditions, including genital tract infections, menstrual disorders, sexually transmitted diseases, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer and uterine cancer.

Gynecological Surgery

Gynecologists can perform a range of surgical procedures including hysterectomy (removal of the uterus), salpingectomy (removal of the fallopian tubes), oophorectomy (removal of the ovaries) and operations to treat endometriosis or uterine fibroids.

Sexual and Reproductive Health Counseling and Care

Gynecologists provide advice and care on contraception, family planning, sexual and reproductive health, fertility and menopause.

Fertility and Assisted Reproduction

Gynecologists examine, advise and treat women and couples who are having difficulty conceiving, women in same-sex relationships who want to become mothers, and women who wish to experience motherhood on their own.

Specialties in Gynecology

Women’s professionals work every day to provide you with personalized, intimate and heartfelt treatment, as well as the most comprehensive and holistic service made possible by the latest medical advances.

Gynecology for children and adolescents

From the age of 12 or 13, it may be a good idea to make your first appointment with a gynecologist.

The first gynecological exams are usually for preventive purposes, but they’re also useful for building a relationship of trust with the gynecologist so that you can ask him any questions you have about your periods or intimate hygiene.

If you’re a young woman and have started or are planning a sexual relationship, it’s also very important to make an appointment with your gynecologist.

We can advise you on contraceptive methods, how to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases, and you can also discuss anything that is bothering or interesting you.

If you feel uncomfortable with your period, have pain, or think something is wrong, don’t wait and make an appointment with your gynecologist.

Remember that every woman is different. Talking about what you feel in your body is the first step to finding the best solutions.

Birth control

Contraceptive methods prevent or reduce the possibility of pregnancy when you have penetrative sex.

Before using any method, you should make an appointment with your gynecologist. He/she will give you clear, complete, and individualized information about the contraceptive methods best suited to your circumstances and lifestyle.

Pregnancy and Childbirth

Pregnancy and birth are unique experiences that you should enjoy with comprehensive, personalized care.
At Women’s, we have a dedicated team of specialists, including experienced gynecologists, midwives, physical therapists and nutritionists who are able to provide comprehensive support throughout your pregnancy, delivery and postpartum journey.

Fertility and Assisted Reproduction

Thanks to assisted reproduction treatments, around 40,000 babies are born in Spain every year.

If you want to get pregnant, it is important to know that artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization, oocyte cryopreservation or the ROPA method are very advanced techniques with which Women’s can help you fulfill your dream of becoming a mother.

At Women’s, the first fertility visit is free. We will analyze both your and your partner’s situation, perform the tests that will allow us to identify the causes that could prevent you from getting pregnant, and provide you with the most appropriate fertility treatments to achieve your desired pregnancy.

Perimenopause, Menopause, and Postmenopause

Perimenopause is the transition period that usually begins several years before menopause and can last from 2 to 8 years. 

Menopause is a natural process, a stage in which the ovaries stop producing eggs, menstruation stops, and hormone production decreases.

It is a stage in your life when you experience major changes and often symptoms such as hot flashes, weight gain or vaginal dryness.

At Women’s, we can prevent, relieve or avoid the symptoms of menopause. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, don’t wait to make an appointment with your gynecologist.  

We will perform the most appropriate tests, clear up your doubts and inform you about the best way to take care of your health and well-being during this important stage of your life.

Gynecologic Oncology

Gynecologic oncology is a medical specialty that focuses on the screening, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of gynecologic cancers.

At Women’s, we serve women from all over Spain and other countries from Barcelona.

We are specialists in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of gynecological cancers such as ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, cervical cancer and breast cancer, among others.

If you have symptoms or have been diagnosed with gynecological cancer and would like a second opinion, make an appointment with your gynecologist.

From the first suspicion of cancer, we will perform the most appropriate diagnostic tests, tell you about the different therapeutic options, and provide the most effective treatments.

Gynecologic Endocrinology

Menstrual disorders can include irregular periods, heavy bleeding, missed periods, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), severe menstrual pain, or menstrual-related conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, make an appointment with your gynecologist. At Women’s, we will perform the diagnostic tests that will allow us to make an accurate diagnosis and initiate the most appropriate and effective treatments.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases are caused by microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites) that are transmitted through blood, semen, and vaginal fluids, primarily during sexual intercourse.

Some of the most common sexually transmitted diseases are human papillomavirus (HPV), chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, genital herpes, and HIV or AIDS.

It is always advisable to have annual gynecological exams, but if you think you have symptoms or are concerned about the possibility of being infected or having unprotected sex, make an appointment with your gynecologist.

Pelvic Floor

The pelvic floor is a set of anatomical structures (bones, nerves, connective tissue, muscles) that support the pelvic organs (bladder, uterus, rectum).

Pregnancy and childbirth, aging, menopause, obesity, high-impact sports, or conditions such as endometriosis can weaken the pelvic floor.

Loss of pelvic floor firmness can cause problems such as urinary incontinence, pain in the pelvis, abdomen, or back, pain during intercourse, or difficulty reaching orgasm.

At Women’s, we specialize in pelvic floor treatment through physical therapy, gynecologic laser treatments, and minimally invasive surgery.

If you have symptoms or would like advice on strengthening your pelvic floor, make an appointment with your gynecologist. We will perform the tests that will allow us to make an accurate diagnosis and provide personalized and comprehensive treatment according to your needs and wishes.

Uterine fibroids

Uterine fibroids are very common benign tumors that develop in or on the muscular walls of the uterus.

If the fibroids do not cause any discomfort, there is no need to start treatment, but it is always very convenient to monitor their development periodically.

If you are experiencing discomfort, pain, heavy or irregular menstrual bleeding, it is imperative that you receive individualized treatment to manage or relieve symptoms or complications that may affect your ability to conceive.

At Women’s, we offer highly effective non-surgical treatments and minimally invasive surgical treatments with virtually no risk of complications and very rapid recovery.

Endometriosis and Adenomyosis

Endometriosis and adenomyosis are conditions that primarily affect women of reproductive age, from the time they start menstruating until they stop.

They can cause severe pain during menstruation and ovulation, discomfort during sexual intercourse, and sometimes make pregnancy difficult or impossible.

In adenomyosis, endometrial tissue grows inside the muscle of the uterus. Endometriosis can occur almost anywhere in the body, from the pelvis to the part of the abdomen where the rectum is located, in the ovaries or bladder, in the liver, intestines, and appendix, or even in more distant areas of the body.

At Women’s, we have the experience and expertise to provide you with the most appropriate treatment options for your situation. 

From medical treatments to advanced surgical procedures that can alleviate symptoms and allow you to live a more comfortable, fulfilling and higher quality life.

Benefits of Regular Gynecological Care

Regular gynecological care allows you to prevent or detect abnormalities in their earliest stages.

Depending on the stage you are in, at Women’s we can advise you on anything you are worried about or how to maintain a healthy life.

In addition to performing the tests that allow us to monitor your health, during a gynecological exam we will answer your questions about important topics such as the onset of menstruation, sexual health, contraceptive use, fertility preservation, and how to avoid or minimize the symptoms of menopause.

Gynecology at every stage of life

At Women’s, we consider prevention a priority, as well as accurate diagnosis and the selection of the most appropriate medical treatment for your personal circumstances.

We believe in creating a trustworthy environment where you can openly discuss, ask questions, and voice your concerns to ensure you receive the guidance you need for your health and overall well-being.

Make an appointment, we will listen to you, perform the necessary tests, clearly explain the different therapeutic options, advise you and carry out the treatments that best suit your needs at each stage of your life.

Adolescent Gynecology 

During this period, which usually begins between the ages of 8 and 13, many girls begin to menstruate. This is a time of great physical and emotional change. 

Make an appointment with your gynecologist to get your first checkups, prevent and avoid future problems, and get information and advice about the changes going on in your body.

Adult Gynecology 

During this time, from puberty to menopause, it is important that you receive regular gynecological care.

At Women’s, we will perform diagnostic tests to detect any abnormalities, monitor your menstrual cycle, advise you on the best contraceptive options for you, and explain how to preserve your fertility.

Pregnancy and Maternity

At Women’s, your pregnancy care includes gynecological visits, ultrasounds, and medical tests to ensure you have a comfortable and safe pregnancy.

During pregnancy and postpartum, we will advise you on how to follow a healthy diet for you and your baby, and how to strengthen your pelvic floor (the anatomical structure that supports the bladder, uterus and rectum) to prevent future problems.

Menopause and Post-Menopause Gynecology

Perimenopause is a transitional period that usually begins several years before menopause.

Menopause is a physiological stage in which the ovaries stop producing eggs, menstrual periods end, and hormone production decreases.

During both perimenopause and menopause, you may experience symptoms that affect your quality of life. 

Don’t delay and book an appointment with your gynecologist today. We will perform the tests and controls that will allow us to know your health status, carry out a good prevention and alleviate the symptoms so that you can enjoy this stage of your life in a comfortable and full way.

Dr. Francisco Carmona Herrera

Ginecología, Revisión Ginecológica, Oncología Ginecológica, Endometriosis

Director científico

Especialista en Ginecología y Obstetricia, Endometriosis, Patología ginecológica benigna, Alteraciones del suelo pélvico y Cirugía ginecológica mínimamente invasiva.

Dr. Damian Dexeus Carter

Ginecología, Revisión Ginecológica, Oncología Ginecológica, Embarazo y Parto

Director médico.

Especialista en Ginecología y Obstetricia. Especialista Cáncer de mama y enfermedades premalignas de cuello, vagina y vulva. Obstetra.

Dra. Mariona Rius Dorca

Ginecología, Revisión Ginecológica, Oncología Ginecológica, Endometriosis

Especialista en Ginecología y Obstetricia. Experta en endometriosis, Patología ginecológica benigna y Cirugía laparoscópica.

Dr. Félix Lugo Salcedo

Ginecología, Revisión Ginecológica, Embarazo y Parto

Responsable de la Unidad de Salud Íntima y Disfunción de Suelo Pélvico de Women’s.
Especialista en Cirugía Ginecológica Mínimamente Invasiva, Cirugía Vaginal, Prolapso Genital e Incontinencia Urinaria.

Dra. Laura Cortés Laguna

Ginecología, Revisión Ginecológica, Embarazo y Parto

Especialista en Ginecología y Obstetricia, Ecografía ginecológica y obstétrica 3D y 4D, Histeroscopia quirúrgica, Medicina materno-fetal, Láser gineco-obstétrico, Patología y Cirugía ginecológica y PNIE.

Dr. Montserrat Manubens Grau

Ginecología, Revisión Ginecológica, Menopausia y Perimenopausia

Responsable de la Unidad de Menopausia y Perimenopausia de Women’s CD. Especialista en Ginecología y Obstetricia

Dra. María del Valle Fuentes

Ginecología, Revisión Ginecológica, Menopausia y Perimenopausia

Especialista en Ginecología General, Ecografía Obstétrico-Ginecológica, Ecocardiografía Fetal y Morfología Fetal.

Dra Rosa Porqueras Suárez

Ginecología, Revisión Ginecológica, Ginecología Infantil y Juvenil

Responsable de la Unidad de Ginecología de la Adolescencia de Women’s CD.

Dra. Maddalena Santirocco

Ginecología, Revisión Ginecológica, Embarazo y Parto

Especialista en Ginecología General, Medicina Fetal, Ecografía Obstétrica y Diagnóstico Prenatal.

Dr. Cristian de Guirior Martinez

Ginecología, Revisión Ginecológica, Embarazo y Parto, Endometriosis

Especialista en ginecología y obstetricia, endometriosis, ecografía oncológica y de endometriosis, diagnóstico y tratamiento por histeroscopia, cirugía ginecológica laparoscópica y seguimiento y atención al parto en embarazos de bajo y alto riesgo.

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