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Fertility and Assisted Reproduction

If you want to get pregnant and you cannot conceive, it is important to know that in Spain, about 40,000 babies are born every year with the help of artificial insemination treatments.

Artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization, egg cryopreservation or the ROPA method are very advanced techniques that can help you achieve your dream of having a baby.

At Women’s, we carefully analyze your and your partner’s situation, examine the causes that are preventing you from getting pregnant, and perform the most appropriate fertility treatments for you to achieve the pregnancy you desire.

What are the causes of infertility?

The World Health Organization (WHO) describes infertility as “a condition of the reproductive system defined as the inability to achieve clinical pregnancy after 12 months or more of unprotected intercourse”.

The causes of infertility or low fertility are many and vary in severity, but a woman’s age is the factor that most limits the possibility of pregnancy, both naturally and through assisted reproductive treatments.

  • At age 30, a healthy, fertile, and sexually active woman who is not using contraception has about a 20% chance of becoming pregnant.
  • At age 40, the chance of becoming pregnant is only 5%, and at age 45, the chances are even lower.

In addition to age, there are other circumstances that can reduce the likelihood of pregnancy: endometriosis, previous surgery on the ovaries or uterus, pelvic infections that may have damaged the fallopian tubes, or treatment with radiation or chemotherapy.

When should I see a fertility specialist?

If you are trying to get pregnant and are not successful, if you are trying to become a mother and want to experience motherhood as an individual, or if you are a female couple, make an appointment and we will begin a fertility evaluation that will allow us to provide the most appropriate treatment for your situation.

The sooner we start to assess possible infertility, the easier reproductive treatments will be and the greater the chances that you will be able to conceive.

  • If you are under 35 years old

Ask for an appointment if you have not become pregnant after 12 months of trying.

We will find out why and start treatment as soon as possible.

  • If you are over 35 years old

Ask for an appointment if you have not become pregnant after 6 months of trying.

We will investigate the causes and develop the best fertility treatment for you.

  • If you are over 38 years old

It is strongly recommended that you make an appointment as soon as you decide that you want to get pregnant.

  • If you or your partner have an underlying medical condition that may be affecting your fertility, do not wait and make an appointment as soon as you decide to try for a baby.
  • If you are a female couple

The ROPA method, also known as “shared parenting” or “dual motherhood”, is a fertility treatment for female couples who want to share the process of conceiving a child.

If you have decided that the time is right to have a baby, do not wait, make an appointment and we will let you know the steps we can take to make this happen.

First Fertility Evaluation

At Women’s, the first fertility evaluation is free. We can do it in person in our office or, if you prefer, online via video conference.

The initial fertility evaluation allows us to learn about your personal history, order the most appropriate diagnostic tests, and advise you on the most appropriate steps or treatments.

The tests we typically order are:

  • A blood test to detect structural and numerical changes in the chromosomes.
  • In women, the analysis includes the anti-Müllerian hormone, which allows us to determine the reserve and possible response of the ovaries.
  • In men, a semen analysis or seminogram, in which a semen sample is sent to the fertility laboratory for sperm quality testing.
  • And a hysterosalpingography (examination of the fallopian tubes of the uterus). We only ask for this test if there is a possibility of artificial insemination.

Once we have all the results, we will make a second personal visit, during which we will inform you about the most appropriate treatment for your situation, set up a timetable and explain each step in detail.

At Women’s, we are always available to assist you, in person, by phone or by email, because your emotional well-being throughout the process is our top priority.

Fertility and Assisted Reproduction in Barcelona

For more than 75 years, the Dexeus family have been pioneers and leaders in assisted reproduction in our country, remaining faithful to the principles of good practice, humanity and enthusiasm that have characterized them throughout their history. 

Dr. Damià Dexeus and the entire Women’s team remain faithful to the principles and values that have allowed us to stand for excellence and quality in the field of assisted reproduction and fertility.

Today, Dr. Damián Dexeus and Dr. Francisco Carmona lead a multidisciplinary team of experienced, highly specialized professionals at Women’s, who constantly update their scientific knowledge with the most advanced equipment and technologies.

At Women’s, we serve women from all over Spain and other countries who want to become pregnant. We are accredited by the Ministry of Health and by the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF), and we have the Quality Seal and the Diploma Certificate of Participation in the National Registry of Activities – SEF Registry, a guarantee of the quality of care, excellence and safety of a center that works in the field of human reproduction and fertility.

If you want to get pregnant or are interested in a second opinion on your personal situation, make an appointment and make sure you receive the most appropriate medical care for your personal situation. 

Dra. Carla Castell Arenillas

Fertilidad y Reproducción Asistida

Responsable de la Unidad de Reproducción Asistida de Women’s.
Especialista en Ginecología, Obstetricia y Fertilidad.

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